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html interview questions

 html interview questions


Before using in starting with the interview questions on the  HTML Language, let’s first go through HTML, what is HTML, types of html the career opportunities it provides, etc.

HTML known as HyperText Markup language. It is a standard text formatting language used for developing web pages released in year 1993. HTML is a language of that is interpreted by the browser and it tells the browser what to do display and how to display.

HTML is an important language to learn if anyone wants to work in the web development domain [Web designers, Web Developers.working on htmls programming HTML alone is not sufficient for web developers HTML only defines the structure of the data that will be rendered on the browser in a webpage, to make it visually appealing and to make it functional, option id ready.

HTML Interview Questions and Answers

1.THE HTML tags and elements are the same thing? html interview questions

No. HTML elements are defined by a starting tag, may contain some content and a closing example, <h1>Heading 1</h1> is a HTML element but just <meta><h1> this is a starting tag and </h1> that is a closing tag. 

2. What are tags and attributes in HTML?

all html Tags are the primary component and elements of HTML that will be defines how the content will be structured/ formatted, whereas Attributes and function are used along with the HTML tags there will be exists multiple language to define the characteristics of the an element. the example, is <p align=” center”>Interview questions</p>, html interview questions and answers in this the ‘align’ with the attribute using which we will align the paragraph to show in the center of the view.

3. What are void elements in HTML?

HTML an elements which do not have closing tags or do not need to be closed are Void elements. the Example of <br />, <img />,<src>,<hr />, etc.

. What are HTML Entities?

In HTML some characters are reserved like " =,‘<’, ‘>’, ‘/’, etc. To use these characters in our webpage we need to use the html character entities called HTML Entities. Below are a few internal mapping between the reserved characters and its respective entity character to be used.

. What are HTML Entities?
HTML some characters are reserved like ‘<’, ‘>’, ‘/’, etc. To use these characters in our webpage we need to use the characters entities called HTML Entities. Below are a few mapping btween the reserved character < > </> and its respective or entity character to be used.

Character Entity Name Entity Number
< &lt; &#60;
> &gt; &#62;
& &amp; &#38;
(non-breaking space) Eg. 10  PM &nbsp; Eg. <p>10&nbsp&nbspPM</p> &#160;

What is the ‘class’ attribute in HTML?
The class attribute is used to specify the class name for an HTML element. Multiple elements in HTML can have the same class value. Also, it is mainly used to associate the styles written in the stylesheet with the HTML elements.

8. What is the difference between the ‘id’ attribute and the ‘class’ attribute of HTML elements?
Multiple elements in HTML can have the same class value, whereas a value of id attribute of one element cannot be associated with another HTML element.

9. Define multipart form data?
Multipart form data is one of the values of the enctype attribute. It is used to send the file data to the server-side for processing. The other valid values of the enctype attribute are text/plain and application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

10. Describe HTML layout structure.
Every web page has different components to display the intended content and a specific UI. But still, there are few things which are templated and are globally accepted way to structure the web page, such as:

<header>: Stores the starting information about the web page.
<footer>: Represents the last section of the page.
<nav>: The navigation menu of the HTML page.
<article>: It is a set of information.
<section>: It is used inside the article block to define the basic structure of a page.
<aside>: Sidebar content of the page.
11. How to optimize website assets loading?
To optimize website load time we need to optimize its asset loading and for that:

CDN hosting - A CDN or content delivery network is geographically distributed servers to help reduce latency.
File compression - This is a method that helps to reduce the size of an asset to reduce the data transfer
File concatenation - This reduces the number of HTTP calls
Minify scripts - This reduces the overall file size of js and CSS files
Parallel downloads - Hosting assets in multiple subdomains can help to bypass the download limit of 6 assets per domain of all modern browsers. This can be configured but most general users never modify these settings.
Lazy Loading - Instead of loading all the assets at once, the non-critical assets can be loaded on a need basis.
12. What are the various formatting tags in HTML?
 HTML has various formatting tags:

<b> - makes text bold
<i> - makes text italic
<em> - makes text italic but with added semantics importance
<big> - increases the font size of the text by one unit
<small> - decreases the font size of the text by one unit
<sub> - makes the text a subscript
<sup> - makes the text a superscript
<del> - displays as strike out text
<strong> - marks the text as important
<mark> - highlights the text
<ins> - displays as added text
13. What are the different kinds of Doctypes available?
The three kinds of Doctypes which are available:

Strict Doctype 
Transitional Doctype
Frameset Doctype
14. Please explain how to indicate the character set being used by a document in HTML?
The character set is defined in <meta> tag inside <head> element.

<!DOCTYPE html>
   <meta charset="UTF-8">
15. What is the difference between <strong>, <b> tags and <em>, <i> tags?
The effect on a normal webpage of the tags <strong>, <b>  and <em>, <i> is the same. <b> and <i> tags stands for bold and italic. These two tags only apply font styling and bold tag <b>, just adds more ink to the text, these tags don't say anything about the text.

Whereas, <strong> and <em> tags represent that the span of text is of strong importance or more importance and emphatic stress respectively than the rest of the text. These tags have semantic meaning.

16. What is the significance of <head> and <body> tag in HTML? - html interview questions
<head> tag provides the information about the document. It should always be enclosed in the <html> tag. This tag contains the metadata about the webpage and the tags which are enclosed by head tag like <link>, <meta>, <style>, <script>, etc. are not displayed on the web page. Also, there can be only 1 <head> tag in the entire Html document and will always be before the <body> tag.

<body> tag defines the body of the HTML document. It should always be enclosed in the <html> tag. All the contents which needs to be displayed on the web page like images, text, audio, video, contents, using elements like <p>, <img>, <audio>, <heading>, <video>, <div>, etc. will always be enclosed by the <body> tag. Also, there can be only 1 body element in an HTML document and will always be after the <head> tag.

17. Can we display a web page inside a web page or Is nesting of webpages possible?
Yes, we can display a web page inside another HTML web page. HTML provides a tag <iframe> using which we can achieve this functionality.

html interview questions and answers pdf

<iframe src=”url of the web page to embed” />
18. How is Cell Padding different from  html interview questions Cell Spacing?
Cell Spacing is the space or gap between two consecutive cells. Whereas, Cell Padding is the space or gap between the text/ content of the cell and the edge/ border of the cell. Please html interview questions and answers,
  • Resolution switching - Instead of zoom and crop the images can be scaled accordingly using vector graphics. Also, this can be further optimized to serve different pixel density screens as well. html interview questions 2020

For example SVG

<svg width="100" height="100">
 <circle cx="50" cy="50" r="40"
 stroke="green" stroke-width="4" fill="yellow" />


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